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Google sheets
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Reduce tedious tasks by automating list creation, data collection, and much more by chatbot & google sheets integration.

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Why does your business need

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To reduce manual tasks such as adding new leads, automate your back-end by integrating the Chat360 bot with google sheets.

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Automate data management

  • Whenever the chatbot gets a query, the chatbot automatically creates a new row.
  • This is handy for managing customer data and takes the manual tasks off your team’s plate.
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An easy-to-use CRM

  • List making made easy! You can automatize fetching customer data as well as securing it.
  • You can also use the data to compare and understand consumer behavior.
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Update and retrieve data without hassle

  • In a sheet full of customer information, finding or updating the data of existing customers can be challenging.
  • A chatbot can handle everything from updating a row to getting data from sheets.

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Step-By-Step Integration

To Integrate:


Watch the video about
how to integrate with Google Sheets

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Frequently Asked

frequently asked questions
Can we integrate Google Sheets with chatbots?


Yes, the Chat360 chatbot integrates google sheets in a few easy steps.

Can Google Sheets pull data from the website?


Yes, you can pull data from the website to google sheets by integrating a chatbot with them, which can collect and add data to the sheets.

Do I need to write a code to integrate Google Sheets with the chatbot?


No coding is required to integrate google sheets with the Chat360 bot. It takes just a few clicks to integrate both.