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Automate and track
Email Campaigns

Automate your marketing efforts with Chat360 & Gmail integration

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Why does your business need

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Revolutionize your email campaigns and get a detailed analysis by adding automation through Chat360 and Gmail integration.

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Automate email campaigns

  • With Chat360 and Gmail integration, you can set up automated email through the Gmail component.
  • Automate and run several email campaigns side-by-side!
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Extensive reports on google

  • Get detailed email campaign reports exported directly to your drive.
  • Get detailed email campaign reports exported directly to your drive.

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Step-By-Step Integration

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how to integrate with Gmail

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Frequently Asked

frequently asked questions
What can chatbot and Gmail integration do for my business?


Chat360 and Gmail integration can help you automate your email campaigns and let you track them easily.

Do I need to learn to code to integrate Chat360 with Gmail?


No, you do not need to learn to code to integrate Gmail with Chat360. We provide you with one click integration solution.

Can I customize Chat360 bots?


Yes, you have full freedom to customize your bots; from how it looks to the chat flow, you can design everything as per your needs. Signup now to get your Chatbot.