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Reduce cart dropouts
with Chat360 &
Razorpay integration

Complete safe and secure payments in real-time through the chatbot itself with Chat360 & Razorpay integration.

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Why does your business need

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Guide customers A to Z from lead generation to completing the payment process and also automate the payment process with Chat360 & Razorpay integration.

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Collect payment during conversations

  • Chat360 & Razorpay integration allows you to collect the payment in the bot flow itself.
  • Stop redirecting the customers to different windows, thus saving time & reducing cart dropouts.
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Schedule reminders

  • Schedule payment reminders to customers.
  • Send regular reminders about the cart and complete the payment process to customers.
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Multiple payment modes

  • Deeplink allows payment collection through multiple options: Credit card, debit card, net banking, & UPI.
  • Customers can make payments through Razorpay’s payment links, invoices, and payment options.

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Step-By-Step Integration

To Integrate:


Watch the video about
how to integrate with Razorpay

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Frequently Asked

frequently asked questions
Do customers have to be redirected from the bot to different windows for payment?


Chat360 and Razorpay’s integration minimizes redirection to different windows through deep links.

Is it crucial to learn to code to integrate a chatbot with Razorpay?


With the Chat360 chatbot you do not need to learn to code to integrate Razorpay. Only a few clicks and you can integrate Razorpay with Chat360.

Where can I get a chatbot and Razorpay integration?


Chat360 is one of the market’s top chatbot and Razorpay integration providers. Signup now to get your Shopify Chatbot.