About Us

About us

Conversations Matter! Period.

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We really disliked waiting for hours to get even our simple questions answered!

Do not even get us started on filling out forms. What a monotonous task!


Then, we wondered. “Has digital marketing lost the human touch?”

It perplexed us when we came across all these disengaged and impersonal customer experiences like filling out lengthy forms with blank text fields.

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We asked a question.

“Are we still doing this in this experience economy?”

Well, not on our watch! We are a young, dynamic, hard-working team dead set on changing that.

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What we do?

We have built a platform to help enterprises and SMBs use automated personalized conversations to increase revenue and cut costs efficiently.

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How we do it?

We enable enterprises to build business and impact through:

  • Increasing the lead conversions
  • Distributing effectively
  • Shortening their sales cycles
  • Engaging in targeted marketing
  • Real-time conversations on multiple channels.